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Orders can be given 1 week before, but for any further updates of the quantity, can it be done 3 days before date of event ?

Confirmation of order can be done 1 week before event date, however the final quantity of chairs can be updated a day head of event if need be. We have taken and accepted orders less than 12 hours before event date for our regulars so it is best that an open communication is kept within your event planner & our sales team. We can give immediate response for urgent and last min orders

Collection after event, what is the latest time for collection ?

Up to your discretion. We do not charge additional for aft midnight collections. Although our only request that u would extend us the same amount of flexibility if we have special request of earlier deliveries or later collections due to back to back events.

Which payment methods do you accept?

  • Bank Transfer

  • Paynow 

  • Credit Card

  • Cash

What is your policy for damaged products?

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