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Wedding Of Leeyan and Khalis - Hortpark

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

When we first started our wedding plans, I had a hard time trying to find the right vendor that suits my kind of taste and style — which eventually led us pushing our decor hunt to the bottom list. As an artist myself, I can be picky when comes to details and trying to find something that’s different from the usuals you see at malay weddings was what we were looking for.

Chancing upon XOXO Co. was truly a rare gem — it was so unexpected and felt like a breeze when we met their amazing, down to earth wedding stylist, Ernie at our chosen venue (Hort park). My husband and I both admire underrated people/things, and it was one of my wedding goals and plan to work with underrated vendors that inspire me. After all, #supportlocal

We were both impressed and star struck by their past projects/designs that they did for multiracial weddings and events, and knowing the fact that I’m able to work with my whimsical vision through them got me swooned. 

XOXO Co. really aced my concept and bring my art (mural and huge crystals!!) to life — in which something that I can call it as my own. Their wedding stylist was so patient with me and the process; always putting our priorities first and making sure everything was aesthetically pleasing  the efforts put in were ridiculously top notch and highly versatile. 

We both couldn’t thank Ernie, Farrah and the team enough for letting me push boundaries, breaking barriers and go beyond with my crazy DIYs.

XOXO Co. truly deserves all the recognition and exposure! After all, the end results from our wedding was truly supernova, heh.

#hortpark #xoxo #wedding

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